Thursday, May 31, 2007


How do you pack for this adventure? 16 countries, sea level in summer to 16,000 feet in the fall. The airlines and the tiny trunks of taxis in Europe are the real dictators. You pack light, 1 backpack, 1 carry on sized suitcase per person. Of course there are the non-negotiables. You must bring the dive gear and the guitar and the harmonicas.
Our friend Phil Slingsby at Scheels sporting goods was a great help with the active gear
Our first stop on the trip is Belize, followed by Fiji – shorts and t-shirts. Keen sandals are the easy choice for footwear. We look a bit like an ad in adventure magazine (minus the buff bodies and hollywood smiles) but they fit everyone and are comfortable enough for long walks. Though beware of stinky sandal syndrome.
The new quick drying synthetic teeshirts, like Columbia’s Titanium gear, promise to help with the issue of creeping crud of the tropics. (hot+ humid+ cotton teeshirts= new life forms).
The next stop is Japan and China, where shorts are not appropriate – though it will be very hot. Long light pants – the boys got North Face pants, the girls chose skirts and city shorts. The mountains of Tibet will require a light rain coat, and some layers (one long sleeve undershirt, fleece/jacket).
We all got a pair of walking/hiking shoes. These are more formal, appropriate for temples in Asia and churches in Europe. Merrill’s and Vibram shoes for Jack and Charlie, Anna got Keen walking shoes, Jules got Columbia and Mike got Eccos. Socks are smart wool and under armor easy wash and dry. If you are rivited at this point, you need help. Serious help.
We will be carrying 2 laptops - Jules needs to work and Mike needs to study on the road. We picked up some North Face Big Shot day packs, and some computer backpacks from Swiss Army.
We have two big duffels for our dive gear, and we plan to ship these home after Fiji.
Total = 4 carry-on sized bags for clothes, 5 backpacks, 2 dive bags, and guitar. And one large VERY, VERY LARGE flask.