Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Home Again Home Again Jiggity Jig

We arrived in Belize to warm welcomes from old friends. It is so comforting to go to a place where they know you by name. On our first day we saw our friend Tony on the beach cleaning and barbecuing freshly caught fish. He invited us to share with him and his friends. Tony is an amazing cook and we jumped at the chance.

I tried BBQ fish roe (egg sack) for the first time. It looks suspiciously like a large, fat worm, but as with everything that Tony makes, it tasted wonderful (though one bite was all I thought I should take).

Then our friend Thomas invited us, along with four other guests of the hotel, to his home for dinner. Thomas is a guide and fisherman, and though he and his family (wife and 3 small children) live very simply, he opened his home to us and fed us all – a delicious meal of BBQ chicken and fish, potatoes, salad and bread.

His children are a delight and read me several books –which they kept neatly on a shelf with all of their other toys. His wife was sweet and gracious and welcomed us to her home with all the charm for which the Belizean people are famous.

The kids have been kayaking, swimming, and fighting (in that order).

We are anticipating Father’s Day this Sunday. Thinking I will give Mike what he wants most – to be left the hell alone for one goddamned minute :)

Couple of funnies from the kids – Jack was fidgeting and pacing around the room picking up various things on the table and playing with them. It was driving Mike crazy. Jack said “You know if Dad goes to hell it will just be a series of people parading in front of him, playing with his stuff and leaving the door open so the mosquitoes get in.”

Mike laughed, turned to me and said “Well, at least we are going home soon”

Buckle up babies, this might be a bumpy ride.


Blogger Charlotte said...

Hey Jule,
Sounds like you're having fun! We're going on a family adventure as well. My daughter has a dance competition in Florida. Yes, Florida in June. I can hardly wait. We decided to make it a family vacation go to WDW, etc. Of course your email only twisted the knife for me, Jules is going to Tibet and I'm going to Disney World. AAHHHGGG. I'm thinking I should post a website as well. I'm going to call it mickey&^%#*

June 14, 2007 at 3:44 PM  
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