Thursday, August 2, 2007

Times Like These...

We saw the news of the I35 bridge collapse yesterday. Every station is leading with it, complete with horrifying pictures and video. And we asked the same questions that everyone is asking. “How could this happen? Do we know anyone?”

We have seen interviews with people who helped each other – survivors who instinctually went right back into the wreckage to save someone else. Someone they didn’t even know.

It’s times like these that you hold each other a little tighter and give thanks.

And it’s times like these that you feel connected to the people back home, proud of those risking their lives to help others in danger. And somehow, because we are so far away from it, we take ownership.

“That’s just our way” we tell people who ask. “That is just the way people from Minnesota are raised.

Might be why we live there.