Friday, September 28, 2007

Jack Turns 17

Yesterday was Jack’s 17th birthday and I’d write about it but I’m feeling too old. You see this is his LAST birthday as a juvenile. Which makes me….well, you know.

When he was a baby Mike would hold a footy pajama clad Jack under the arms and dance him across the top of the couch. “Do the Jack, J-Jack, Jack, J-Jack, Jack, Jack”.

On his first birthday, being the first Nolan grandchild, he got a Fisher Price slide and the rapt attention of 10 adults as he slid down it in my living room for hours. “My” we all exclaimed “Isn’t he brilliant!”

When he was 3 we took a flight from the Mankato airport to Milwaukee. He walked into the airport like he owned the place – going up to strangers, tugging them on the jacket and saying “I’m Jack Nowwwan”. They looked to me with confusion. “He’s running for The Senate” I replied.

When he was 4 and 5 he spent hours imagining, designing, and building things. “Mom” he’d say, “I need a stapler, glue, tinfoil, battery, pinking sheers, large needle, 3 eggs, a light bulb, dish soap and 6 egg cartons”

Ages 6-12 were spent in the ravine with neighbors Andrew, Aaron and Chris creating medieval weaponry out of sticks, newspaper and duct tape, defending battlements and harvesting the neighbor’s raspberries.

Ages 13-15 he learned to scuba dive, he joined the swim team, excelled in school, became well know for his sense of humor and genius in math and on the computer.

At age 16 he got his driver’s license, got a job and learned to fly an airplane.

And now at 17 he has traveled to 15 or so countries learned a little Spanish, French, and German. He has been in the Himilayas at 16,000 feet above sea level, and dived to 100 ft. below the sea.
He is planning his college career – wants to be a pilot and business owner and a computer scientist.

And just today he asked if I couldn’t find him a stapler, lighter, some baking soda and tinfoil.

WE LOVE YOU JACK! Happy Birthday! And don't think I didn't notice what you were doing with your finger in that picture.


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